UW Civil Dialogue Intern

University of Washington Civil Dialogue Intern

We are seeking an undergraduate or graduate student to assist with an initiative on the subject of civil dialogue/civil discourse.  The Intern will assist with the development of a winter or spring 2010 retreat that is intended to bring together a team of leaders who will help cultivate a culture of respectful dialogue, debate, and conversation.
This unpaid position requires a commitment of 5-10 hours per week winter and spring 2010.  The Intern will work closely with staff and faculty to develop and promote the Retreat, recruit project leaders and participants, and document the work for funding and future opportunities.

* Collaborate with multiple University departments, organizations, and units.
* Gain experience with program development & coordination, event promotion, volunteer recruitment, and funding opportunities.
* Flexible hours and ability to work from any location.
* Experience working with undergraduate and graduate student leaders.

* Strong verbal and written communication skills.
* Work well both as a team member and independently.
* Strong initiative.  Pro-active and flexible approach to work.
* Attention to details.
* Must commit to 5-10 hours per week.

To apply, please email a resume (or list of activities and experiences) to Debi Ivison (debiivi@uw.edu) outlining your interest in the Civil Dialogue Internship.  Deadline for all applications is December 11, 2009.

Questions should be directed to Lincoln Johnson (LLJ@uw.edu).  Thank you.

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