Sociology Practicum Classes for Spring

Taking a Sociology Practicum (SOC 494) is a great way to see how Sociology connects to the “real world” while at the same time earning Sociology credit and developing concrete skills and experience desired by employers. None of our Practica requires an application, prerequisites or add codes to register.

There are spots still open for spring! The following are brief summaries of Sociology Practica offered for Spring 2012; you can click on the links for more information.

1) SOC 494 A & B: Practicum in the Sociology of Education

Two sections (same content)

  • SOC 494A: Mon 1:30pm-3:20pm , SLN 18520
  • SOC 494B: Thurs 8:30am-10:20am, SLN 18521

(5 credits) In addition to tutoring 3-4 hours/week in Seattle public schools serving diverse populations, students attend a two-hour seminar each week to share teaching experiences, discuss current research in education and develop their own research projects.

2) SOC 494 D: Practicum in Applied Sociology—Sociology of Work and Organizations

Wed 1:30pm-3:20pm, SLN 18523

(5 credits) This practicum is designed to combine experiential learning in the workplace with critical reflection about practical and theoretical issues of work and organizations. As part of this practicum, each student will attend a 2-hour seminar each week in addition to participating in an internship in a local agency or organization for a minimum of 3 hours/week. Students also examine their experiences with respect to theory and research through informal and formal writing. This is a “W” course.

Students can take this class with an internship already in hand. To find out what kind of internship qualifies (hint: most do!), how to go about finding an internship, or more information on this class go to: Soc_of_Org FAQ

Questions? Ask away.

Gretchen Ludwig, Experiential Learning Coordinator,

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