UW Women’s Center Event: “She Asked For It! Why We Like To Judge Rape Victims”


She Asked For It!  Why We Like To Judge Rape Victims

Monday, October 15th * 5:30pm-7:30pm
University of Washington, Kane Hall, Room 120

Rape is a crime that is no stranger to college campuses and other communities around the country.  Commonly held beliefs about victims, offenders and the meaning of consent all play important roles in how rape cases are perceived and handled.  This interactive and high-spirited lecture will examine the influences at work on children, college students, and other members of our community as they consider the question of rape and what it means.  Be prepared to challenge your thinking!

 Keynote Speaker: Anne Munch

Anne Munch is an attorney with 23 years of experience as a prosecutor, educator and  advocate for victims of interpersonal violence.  She spent thirteen years as a prosecutor in Colorado focusing on sexual assault and domestic violence crimes.  Anne has a heart for victims, and has dedicated her professional career to assisting them in the criminal and military justice systems.  Curently, Anne travels around the world speaking, training and consulting on sexual assault and domestic violence cases.

For additional information, please contact: Alex Eckstein at alexeck3@uw.edu or (206) 685-2940




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