Safe Kids Seattle and Harborview Medical Center — Internship

Internship Job Description:

Safe Kids Seattle (SKS) is involved in community organization and health education. As an intern, you are responsible for helping with events and making educational materials. SKS is able to reach the community through many health and safety events, which you will need to help plan, advertise for, develop an educational program for, and make informational sheets and materials to distribute at these events. SKS is a new coalition, so part of an intern’s responsibility is to help with websites, brochures, and fact sheets that provide safety messages as well as get the word out about SKS. Helping us launch our social media strategy will be a large portion of this internship. At monthly coalition meetings you will take minutes and update the members on recent progress and events. You will also attend other meetings which allow for networking in the health and safety education community. The internship position at SKS calls for a lot of responsibility but allows for much autonomy and is a rewarding experience that enables you to positively impact the Seattle community.

Experience with graphic design and/or website design is desirable but not required.

Elizabeth Esselman
Volunteer Services and Rewards & Recognition Coordinator
Interim Safe Kids Seattle Coordinator
Volunteer and Community Services
Harborview Medical Center

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