Reminder: UW Summer Quarter Certificates


UW is offering Certificate Programs in several topics that UW undergraduates can take as part of their normal credit load this summer. These Certificates consist of two to four courses and will give a good foundation in the various subjects listed below. This certificate will complement your degree and better prepare you for your career.

Business Essentials: 10 credits

If you plan on working in an organization such as a business or nonprofit, you’ll need to know how they actually work by learning the three pillars—marketing, management, and accounting and finance.

Marketing Essentials, MKTG 275,  Management Essentials, MGMT 275, Essential Accounting and Financial Management, ACCTG 275, and Business Plan Capstone, MGMT 490

Database Management, 10 credits

Learn to help organizations capture, store, retrieve and analyze information in meaningful ways in two courses that present the fundamentals of database management technology, design, development and administration.

Database Management Fundamentals I, INFO 240, and Database Management Fundamentals II, INFO 245 (pending final approval)

Localization: Language and Technology in the Global Market, 9 credits

Participate in a large and growing industry helping a business expand from one country to the global market. This field offers new opportunities for those interested in foreign cultures and in taking translation to a whole new level, beyond language to usability.

Introduction to Localization & Project Management, JSIS XXX and Localization Technology and Tools, JSIS XXX (pending final approval)

Nonprofit Essentials, 10 credits

Discover what it takes to succeed in the competitive world of nonprofits using nuances of leadership, fundraising, communications and financial management.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Nonprofit Organizations, PB AF  355 A, Program and Implementation Tools for Nonprofit Organizations, PB AF 355 B and, Budget, Financial Management and Fundraising Tools for Nonprofit Organizations PB AF 355 C (pending final approval)

Quantitative Fundamentals of Computational Finance, 11 credits

If you love statistics, computation and math, you can prepare now for a career in the financial or investment industries.

Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance, AMATH 460, Probability and Statistics for Computational Finance, AMATH 461, and Introduction to Computational Finance and Financial Econometrics, AMATH 462/ECON 424 (pending final approval)

Come to an information meeting Tuesday, April 9, 3:30-5pm, Paccar Hall, Room 490, and meet the instructors and program managers for all programs. Find out which series of courses is the right fit for your educational goals and career aspirations.

Find web information here: Summer Quarter Certificate Programs

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