LAVENDER GRADUATION 2013: Wanna help program??!

Hey there! Are you…
– Good at keeping surprises a SECRET (from graduating seniors!)???
– Caring a lot about the UW queer student community?
Then consider helping put together this year’s…
LAVENDER GRADUATION 2013 — “May the Fierce Be With You”!!! 

When: TUESDAY, June 11th, from 6-8 p.m. Graduates please arrive by NO LATER than 5:15 p.m.

Where: THE UW TOWER, Mezzanine Level Cafeteria (yes…we are queering up the panopticon peeps! (woot woot)

How: IF YOU ARE GRADUATING;  please register here. If you are not graduating, but wish to attend please go here

Lav Grad is the annual community graduation / end-of-the-year celebration for UW / community queerz. Every year, details are kept SECRET from the queer-grads so it’s all a SURPRISE and so they don’t have to do any programming workThat’s where we’d all come in ;D
If you’re interested, you can email with your name, pronouns, email, number, and time commitment! Totally invite other folks who are interested in helping too. ***All spans of time commitment welcome — from helping plan once a week to just setting up the day-of!
Our initial meeting will be MONDAY, 4/15!
You can fill out this Doodle so that we can pick a time to meet up:
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