WORLD PREMIERE of “The Blank Canvas” – Underground Seattle Hip-Hop

Rafael Flores, the director of the film Blank Canvas received his BA with Departmental Honors in Cinema Studies in 2007. Look at him now!! 

Step up and support local documentary filmmaker featured in a prime time spot at the Langston Hughes African American Film Festival!

Congratulations to Rafael Flores and Green Eyed Media.

The Langston Hughes African American Film Festival is taking place from this Saturday April 13th – Sunday April 21st. Here is the link to the brand new website where the whole film schedule is located:

This year the LHAAFF celebrates its 10 year anniversary – it should be a week to remember!

Located at: 104 17th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144 (17th & Yesler)

Filmmaker & Hip-Hop musician, Rafael Flores, conducted 6 years of research to create the original documentary about underground Seattle Hip-Hop culture. Since 2004 he has interviewed over 100 rappers, producers, DJ’s, graffiti artists, disk-jockeys, break-dancers, fashion designers and promoters to tell the real story of underground Hip-Hop in Seattle. The film attempts to document the unique identity of Hip-Hop culture in Seattle as it takes us on a journey that investigates the origins of the culture in the late 1970’s, the legacy of Sir-Mix-a-Lot, the notorious 1985 Teen Dance Ordinance, Clear-Channel’s dominance over commercial Hip-Hop radio, the increasing popularity of white rappers in Seattle and the independent artists struggle for representation in a seemingly liberal city.

Starring: Alpha P, Black Stax, Blue Scholars, Dyme Def, Macklemore, Massive Monkeys, Vitamin D, BYC Crew, Laura “Piece” Kelley, The Grynch, NEeMA, Anthony Shears, Hella Dope, DJ Hyphen, Jerm, DJ B-Girl, Fatal Lucciauno, Specs One, Moorpheus of East Union Hustlers & many more. 

Written, Directed & Edited by Rafael Flores
Produced by: Suntonio Bandanaz, Jared “Rufio” Alfonzo & Alex Sinclair


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