New! Nutritional Sciences Minor Now Available at UW

We are very pleased to announce that a new minor in Nutritional Sciences is now available!

The Nutritional Sciences minor complements many majors and will offer a foundation of knowledge in nutrition, food systems, food studies and their relationship to health. We appreciate your help in sharing information about the minor with any students who may be interested in any of these areas.

Please note that students who are considering the minor may want to register for the Autumn 2013 course, NUTR 300 Nutrition for Today (SLN: 18231), if their schedule allows. NUTR 300 is a prerequisite for several of the required and elective courses for the minor.

For information or questions about the Nutritional Sciences Minor please:

–      Visit

–      Email

–     Call Katie Freeman, Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator, 206-221-0843

The minor code is NUTR.  We have been working on some final changes to the Degree Audit, but anticipate that it will be visible to students early next week.

I will be serving as the minor adviser and am happy to assist with any questions or schedule a time to meet with you or students who would like additional information.

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