2013-2014 Labor Scholarships & Grants

Are you a University of Washington student studying labor and workers rights? Working for social justice outside the classroom? Pursuing a career in the labor movement, law, public service or the non-profit sector? Apply for a scholarship or grant!

Each year, the Harry Bridges Center awards thousands of dollars to top students in Labor Studies. This year, over $35,000 will be awarded. Deadlines for this year’s awards are approaching. Apply now!

Deadline to apply: June 10, 2013

This year’s scholarships include:
*      Martin and Anne Jugum Scholarship – $5,500 for undergraduate students
*      Gundlach Scholarship – $5,500 for undergraduate or graduate students
*      Samuel Bassett Scholarship – $5,500 for undergrad or graduate students pursuing a career in labor relations
*      Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA) Scholarship – $1,000 for students pursuing a career in labor relations
*      Martha H. Duggan Fellowship – $10,000 for graduate students studying or providing caring labor
*      Best Labor Studies Paper Prize – $250 for the best graduate and undergraduate papers

This year’s research grants include:

The Bridges Center supports ground-breaking labor studies research through our annual grant funding program. For a look at past sponsored projects, visit our Featured Research website.
*     Graduate Student Research Grant- $2,500 for graduate student research in Labor Studies
*     Washington State Labor Research Grant – $7,500 for UW faculty or graduate students with UW faculty sponsor.

For more information, visit the Bridges Center website at http://depts.washington.edu/pcls, or contact program coordinator Andrew Hedden at hbcls@uw.edu .

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