Extra hire position with the Fair Housing Center of Washington/Civil Rights work




The Fair Housing Testing Coordinator coordinates the testing* program to identify illegal acts of housing discrimination. The Testing Coordinator will analyze test requests as received from investigative staff and private contractors; choose sites for testing; coordinate and assign agency testers; recruit and train testers; develop appropriate profiles and other preparatory documents; perform availability, phone and site tests, and prepare reports; assist in conducting tester briefing and debriefing; analyze test results, prepare descriptive and evaluative summaries of findings in proper written report form; prepare recommendations for future action based on findings; conduct fair housing testing; assist with intake and investigation of housing discrimination complaints; assist with education and outreach duties; perform related duties as assigned.

* Illegal housing discrimination is a refusal to rent, sell, or engage in a housing transaction with an individual based on that individual’s membership in a protected class. Federal protected classes are: race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, and disability. Testing refers to the use of individuals who, without a bona fide intent to rent or purchase a home, apartment or other dwelling, pose as prospective renters or purchasers for the purpose of gathering information, which may indicate whether a housing provider is complying with fair housing laws. Testing is used in housing discrimination cases and as
information in reports.


Minimum of B.S. or B.A. from an accredited four year college or university in an appropriate discipline or equivalent experience. Supervisory and/or project management experience in a social service or public service entity setting strongly desired. The individual must have excellent verbal, analytical and written skills; a valid Washington State driver’s license; a working automobile; and, must not have prior felony convictions or convictions of crimes involving fraud or perjury. The individual cannot have a conflict of interest with properties being tested. Position includes weekend work. Experience with volunteer recruitment and management, multi-tasking and detail oriented, writing reports, computer data base system management, and conducting research are beneficial.  Knowledge of state, local, and federal laws pertaining to fair housing is helpful. Microsoft Word.

This is a full-time extra hire position (35 hours/week) that does not include benefits.

Send resume and cover letter related to this position by April 8th at 4:30 p.m. via email at [info@fhcwashington.org] or post to the Fair Housing Center of Washington, 1517 S. Fawcett, Suite 250, Tacoma, WA 98402.

*  Location: Tacoma, WA
*  Compensation: $17-$19/hour
*  This is at a non-profit organization.

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