Conversations on Defining Diversity: Transfer Rights – May 15

Conversations on Defining Diversity: Transfer Rights

A Public Forum in the College of the Environment

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
4:00-5:00 p.m.
Fishery Sciences Building, Room 203

Please RSVP by Monday, May 13.  Coffee and sweets will be served.

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For years, UW has dedicated 30% of its new undergrad spaces to Washington community college students. Older and more ethnically diverse, transfer students make up a quarter of the College of the Environment undergraduate population.

Are transfers richer in life experience and more apt to make wise choices about their career paths?  Or are transfer students coming from academic backgrounds that suffer from inferior intro-STEM course series taught by less than stellar faculty?  Or, are we kidding ourselves in thinking that a 4-year experience on the main campus is always a superior one?

Who are transfer students, and how do they add to the mix?

In the final CoDD of the 2012-13 academic season, we’ll hear from those who facilitate transfers out of the community college system and into the UW, and from the students themselves.


  • Ali Albrecht – Program Manager, First Year Programs
  • Benjamin Cram –  Junior, Aquatic & Fishery Sciences
  • Daniel Poux – Director, Ready, Set, Transfer! Program, Seattle Community Colleges
  • Mika Usher – Senior, Earth & Space Sciences

About CoDD: Diversity, equality, engagement, opportunity – these are words laden with value and individual meaning.  The College of the Environment is committed to creating and supporting a diverse academic community representing a full range of cultural, ethnic and disciplinary sectors. 

One way to achieve that goal is by talking.

Conversations on Defining Diversity is a public forum within the College where we – all of us – can explore the issues, roadblocks, challenges, and opportunities our College faces, as the first step towards brainstorming solutions.

Each conversation will focus on a particular aspect of diversity, and will feature our own faculty, staff, and students speaking about their experiences, often from very different points of view.  Come listen, share, and learn.

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