Dawg Daze Volunteer Opportunity for Students!

Make a difference: Be a Dawg Daze Leader!

Dawg Daze Leaders are current University of Washington students who have a passion for UW and want to build leadership experience and give back to the University community through assisting new students with their transition to campus.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Love for UW and being a Husky
  • Genuine interest in new students and their
  • Friendly and responsible
  • Ability to initiate solutions to problems
  • Desire to give back to the UW


  • Attend training on Monday, September 16th from 9am-5pm
  • Volunteer a minimum of 15 hours
  • Check email twice monthly throughout the summer
  • Help out at assigned events with a positive attitude

What you can get out of this experience:

  • Be involved with fun, creative, and exciting Dawg Daze events
  • Meet and inspire new students
  • Hands on leadership experience
  • A cool Dawg Daze T-shirt to wear
  • Move into the Residence Halls Early
  • Be part of a team that makes UW a friendly, welcoming place


If you are interested in being a Dawg Daze Leader but you cannot make the training date, then please contact Vera Hoang at fyp@uw.edu.  Vera is the Dawg Daze Volunteer Coordinator. 

DEADLINE: Saturday, May 25th at 5:00 pm – go touwdawgdaze.com/leaders to apply!

Website: uwdawgdaze.com/leaders

Apply Here

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