Social Justice Internship

Become a Social Justice Intern
Call for Applican ts for 2013-2014 Young Adults Service Communities

Aprogram of the United Church of Christ
 Are you passion ate about advocacy?
 Would you like to work at a non -profit whose mission is m aking social chan e?
Is connecting your work to social justice central to your faith?

If so, consider spending a year as a Social Justice Intern through the United Church of Christ (UCC)!

Learn more and apply:

This unique program engages young adults (21-30) in a multi-faceted service year designed to combine faithful service and social action. Social Justice Fellows have the opportunity to grow personally through living in community; to grow professionally through serving in a local non-profit focused on advocacy; and to grow spiritually through serving at a UCC Congregation.*

Program Description:

Social Justice Interns, ages 21-30, will live in a simple intentional community of 3-4 people.
Residence is located in the heart of Seattle’s lively Capitol Hill neighborhood. Monthly stipend of $440.  Health insurance provided.

Program Details:

♦ Interns serve for 11 months at a Seattle non-profit agency dedicated to advocacy around issues of  social and economic justice (32 hours/week)
♦ Interns also serve in a leadership position within a partner UCC church (5 hours/week).*
♦ Weekly spiritual reflection and a faith-based vocational training course for justice leaders in the context of progressive Christianity.
♦Term of Service: September 3, 2013-August 3, 2014

To apply:

The application consists of three parts, which must be completed before interviews begin.
Part 1 is a simple online application.
Part 2 is a longer application that will be sent after completion of the on-line application. Part 3 consists of three written references.

After submission of all materials, interviews with national and local program staff and potential  placement sites will be scheduled. Applications will be reviewed and interviews scheduled in the order received. Priority will be given to applications submitted by May 15, 2013. UCC Young Adult Service Communities do not discriminate against applicants on the basis of religion, race, color, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, or disabilities.

For more information, please contact:

• Mary Schaller Blaufuss, Executive for Volunteer Ministries, National Office of the United
Church of Christ, (216) 736 3214 or toll-free (866) 822-8224 ext. 3214

• Lauren Cannon, YASC Program Director & Associate Pastor at Keystone UCC,
Phone: Work (206) 632-6021

Seattle Social Justice Service Sites:

The Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness (SKCCH) is an independent 34-year-old homeless coalition made up of more than 75 member organizations. We work collaboratively to ensure safety and survival for people who are homeless, and to end the crisis of homelessness in our region.

The Church Council of Greater Seattle represents more than 340 churches and 15 denominations as well as thousands of individuals united by the belief that we can work together to promote justice and increase compassion in our community.

Puget Sound Sage brings together labor, faith and community to build an economy based on shared prosperity. We ensure all families benefit from economic growth, all workers are free from discrimination in the workplace and all development meets the needs of our communities.

Hear from current UCC Justice Interns about this unique opportunity:

Kathryn: The UCC YASC program connects the personal and the professional by connecting faith and advocacy in a way thatis unique. This program has helped me to discover how my commitment to social justice through my faith has driven my commitment to advocacy in my professional work. Through working at the Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness, I have been able to learn far more about advocacy and working in a non-profit than I ever would have in an average first job out of college. Coming out of college, I really wasn’t clear on what I wanted to do with my life. After having the chance to work on projects like voter registration, Seattle City Budget process, the One Night Count, Washington State Legislative session and Project Cool for Backto-School, I now know that I want to eventually work in public policy or in government. It has truly been an amazing growing experience, both personally and professionally.
Jenn: Interning at Plymouth Church and The Church Council of Greater Seattle has given me the opportunity to explore and live into my faith as a young adult. I chose this program because I grew up going to church and knew that it was a critical factor in why I’ve chosen a career field focused on helping people. Despite this, I hadn’t set aside the time to figure out how I want my faith and passion for social justice to connect in my adult life. Through
my work educating and organizing churches around social justice issues and coordinating with other non-profits, community groups, and labor unions, I have learned about the unique way that faith-based organizations can move people and companies towards a common good. Whether I end up working in another faith-based organization or not, I know that my growth this year has built a foundation of endurance and hope that will serve
me well for many years to come.

Marianne: I entered this year at Puget Sound Sage trying to find a way to connect direct service with advocacy. This year has been an enlightening and rewarding experience and an opportunity for personal growth in my faith, work experience, and confidence. I have had an opportunity to speak on issues ranging from incentive zoning policies to job availability for formally incarcerated individuals. After spending the previous year traveling throughout California doing direct service, I thought I had found my niche. Working with Sage has shown me that my faith, race, and, class play a role in all that surrounds me. I have come to realize that transit orientated development, gentrification, living wages, and unions all have an influence on who I am as an individual and vice
versa. It has been a year of constant learning and personal development. Now I have the opportunity to take what I have learned and lead a group of high school students in South Seattle. These youth are able to see how their involvement can help shape better policies in their city. Although my next step in life is unclear, I do know that this experience has placed me on a new path of fighting for racial & economic justice.


*Being a part of the United Church of Christ is not a requirement to serve in this program, but Interns must be willing to  serve in a UCC Congregation and be open to discussing Christianity in a progressive context.

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