Summer Honors class – Education Inside Prison

For Soc majors interested in criminal justice and/or mass incarceration as well as education, inequality, and access to resources, check out this class:

Just wanted to pass along a Summer course announcement. HONORS 230 A is open to any interested students, Honors or not, and is a great blend of both classroom and field experience. There will be an information session to learn more about the course on Friday, May 24 at 3:30 in MGH 206. Please share with your students, and thanks!

Honors 230 A:  Education Inside Prison (5cr, I&S)

B term, Summer 2013

TTh 10:30-12
W 10:30-3:30

What are the opportunities for education in prison? What are the benefits to students and what are the constraints of the institution? This class will be centered around a series of visits we will make to the Twin Rivers Unit of the Monroe Correctional Complex (about 30-40 minutes outside of Seattle). We will study collaboratively with a group of prisoners there, and we will tour the facility and meet with the prison’s administrative staff and correctional officers; some of these staff members will come to our class on campus before we take our first trip to the prison. The class will also hear from other guest speakers and from UW faculty who are engaged in providing educational opportunities inside prisons.

Students must receive clearance from the Dept. of Corrections in order to enter the prison facility; class size will be limited to 15 students.  More details will be available at the information session scheduled for Friday, May 24, at 3:30 in MGH 206. Please contact the instructor, Claudia Jensen (, for more information or if you can’t attend the information session.


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