Updates on three new courses for diverse Summer Quarter travel experience

Please Note: The course taking place in New Orleans has had a significant reduction in the course fee.

LARCH 498C, Design/Build Studio in New Orleans, SLN 11993, Dr. Daniel Winterbottom, A Term,Applications due May 20

  • Fee has been reduced to $250. Room is covered; students will be staying in a hotel in the French Quarter for most of the project. Most meals are also covered.
  • Travel on your own to New Orleans and collaborate with the community of Gretna, Louisiana and Jefferson Parish to design and build a portion of the public garden and park, intended to create a gateway and anchor for the community. This will provide a multi-functional setting for a historic building that will become a visitors center. For students interested in landscape, but also history, cultural identity, community-building, disaster recovery, race relations, ecology, music, culture, food, the southern USA.
  • Estimated cost of the trip in addition to tuition: $250 plus travel on your own to New Orleans. Lodging, weekday meals and local transportation is part of the program fee and provided by the community of Gretna. Will also experience field trips and cultural activities.
  • Dates: June 17 to July 26 (A term—can adjust for return to Seattle for B term start of July 24); pre-planning meetings 5/22 and 6/12, 5:30 to 7:00pm, Gould 312.
  • Contact Professor Daniel Winterbottom via email: nina@uw.eduhttp://larch.be.washington.edu/features/design_build/NOLA/nola2013.php

URBDP 499 B/600 B, Comparative Urban Planning and Urban Design in 3 Canadian Cities,SLN14091, Dr. Fritz Wagner & Dr. Regent Cabana, 3 credits, prior to  A-term, Registration Date extended toMay 17

  • Travel on your own to Montreal, the first of 3 Canadian cities­­—Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa—and explore the European influence as well as the distinctive Canadian French culture of these cities that makes them unique in North America. Examine similarities and differences between U.S. and Canadian cities, focus on current urban issues confronting communities in Quebec, and study the physical layout of cities, urban design, urban growth, problems related to the environment, governmental institutions, as well as historical, social and cultural factors specific to Quebec cities and Ottawa.
  • Estimated cost of the trip: $900-$1,200 in addition to tuition to cover your own airfare, meals, lodging, local transportation, fees and all personal items. No other fees.  $250 scholarships available for first 10 students.
  • Dates: June 11 to 18 (prior to A term)
  • Contact Professor Wagner for more information: 206-543-7459 or fwagner@uw.edu. Joint listed with L ARCH 495A, SLN 11990.

ANTH 488A, Acequia Agroecology Institute, SLN 14333, Dr. Devon Pena, 5 credits, A Term, Register before May 31

  • Drive together in UW SUVs to/from southern Colorado/northern New Mexico and learn hydrology, ecology, farming, community-building, history, culture and of course anthropology
  • Estimated cost of the trip in additional to tuition: $900 includes travel there, local travel, lodging (in tents) and most weekday meals
  • Dates: June 17 to July 24 (A term)
  • Read more in Professor Pena’s course description: http://www.washington.edu/students/icd/S/anthro/488dpena.html or contact him at 206 543-1507 or dpena@uw.edu

How to Apply

  • When to apply: now! Contact the instructor directly to express your interest.
  • Register through the Time Schedule (these are not Study Abroad courses)
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