Summer course of interest to SOC majors – Honors 210A

Honors 210 A: Race, Gender, and Sexualities in Theological Perspective: An introduction to
contemporary theological perspectives on social justice around experiences of racial, gender,  and sexual inequalities in North America

Summer A Term (June 24-July 24, 2013)

The course is a reading, discussion, and research-intensive learning experience designed to invite students to embrace social justice through an engagement of theorethical reflection on race, gender and sexuality. Each week students will read a contemporary theological reflection text as preparation for discussion-intensive classes and regular group work intended to help students develop the necessary theological vocabulary of concepts and perspectives.

Graded Assignments
There is an ethnographic research component to the course. Students must interview member/s of a community whose views do not represent their own in order to demonstrate thoughtful understanding of a system of values around race, gender or sexuality not consonant with their own, and to do so in a manner consonant with the theological ethics/values established within class at the start of the course.
In addition to creating a 5-minute video clip teaching (or 15 minute video clip, if students decide to form a group to work with other class mates) representing the perspective of the community the student has chosen to engage, students will also be required to write a 10-page reflection paper engaging the views of the community interviewed through their own lenses. Additionally students will submit one 5-minute video reflection on interview with subject/s whose perspective proved educational to include as an artifact in the student’s honors portfolio.

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