Woodrow Wilson Rockefeller Brothers Fund Fellowships for Aspiring Teachers of Color, Campus Deadline July 9, 2013

Woodrow Wilson Rockefeller Brothers Fund (WW-RBF) Fellowships for Aspiring Teachers of Color

UW Campus Application Deadline: Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Without enough good teachers, urban and rural young people are systematically denied their futures at a time when the jobs capable of supporting a family require a minimum of a high school diploma and the highest skill and knowledge levels in history. The Woodrow Wilson Rockefeller Brothers Fund (WW-RBF) Fellowships for Aspiring Teachers of
Color prepares and supports outstanding prospective teachers of color into the teaching profession and into high-needs urban and rural school.

The WW-RBF Fellowships provides selected candidates with a $30,000 stipend to apply towards the cost of the master’s degree; guidance towards teacher certification, and  preparation in a high-needs public school.

Eligible candidates must be:
*       be a self-identified person of color in his/her senior year of
undergraduate preparation;
*       be nominated by an eligible nominating institution;
*       demonstrate a commitment to the program and its goals;
*       have U.S. citizenship or permanent residency;
*       expect to attain a bachelor’s degree by June 30, 2014;
*       have substantial background in the arts and sciences and high
academic performance with a cumulative undergraduate grade point average
(GPA) of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale (negotiable for applicants from
institutions that do not employ a 4.0 GPA scale); and
*       are not currently in a teacher preparation program which leads to
initial teacher certification.

To participate, you must complete and submit the campus nomination application by Tuesday, July 9, 2010.  (National applications have an October 2013 deadline.)

Campus Nomination application will be found at the following:  https://expo.uw.edu/expo/apply/293 .

Interested candidates can obtain additional information by contacting the following individuals, and linking to the following website

Consider applying for this exciting and prestigious fellowship.
Over the last three years that we have nominated students for this fellowship, we have had three scholars:  Emily Lee (2011), an English and Public Health major;  Dustan Dacuan (2012), an International Studies major & Diversity minor; and Malanya Materne (2013) an English major.

You can read more about the fellows at this link —

Candidates must be nominated by their undergraduate institution in order to be considered for this fellowship program. As a nominating institution, the UW is allowed to nominate two (2) candidates for the fellowship. Interested applicants must meet all campus application deadlines in order to be nominated and move forward in the application process The UW nomination deadline is July 9.  Students will need to complete an application, list their preference of master’s program, write two – 500 word essays, and
ensure the support of two individuals who will write letter of recommendation for their application (at least one must be someone who has taught them).

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