Dream Project new class for international students

The Dream Project is now offering a new course specifically for international
students and we think it would be helpful it the department advisors could know about it.

As there’s a growing number of international students joining the Dream Project and they’d like to see more of them and began to offer this seminar designed to help these student who are nor familiar with American education system yet to better integrate into Dream Project and become mentors to high school students.
They have different topics each week, in forms of presentation and discussions, including American public school system, college application process, intercultural communication, etc.

EDUC 361 B: International Student Seminar

Wednesdays, 3:30­4:20
1 credit, I&S
W­credit option available
Class lead: Keting Cen (cenkt@uw.edu)
This seminar is designed to support international students who are not yet familiar with American education system better integrate into and participate in the Dream Project. The seminar is a combination of lectures and discussions. A series of topics aim at familiarizing international students with high school requirements and college admission in the US, which would facilitate their work as mentors to high school students. Group discussions improve international students’ intercultural communication experience and help bring out their expertise to contribute to the Dream Project.

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