Paid internship with Husky Neighborhood

Husky Neighborhood Job Intern 2013-14

Job Overview

Husky Neighborhood Interns (HNIs) work on projects to improve public safety, promote civility and foster a greater sense of community for the students and permanent residents living north of campus

Time Commitment:

The time commitment for this internship is approximately eight hours per week. The length of the internship is from Fall quarter 2013 through the end of Spring Quarter 2014. Students are expected to be available for two to three paid training meetings the week of September 16-20th. Specific time commitments include the following:

•  HNIs will have weekly team meetings of at least an hour with other HNIs and UW Staff.

  • HNI’s should plan on working roughly four to seven  additional hours each week on projects in the North of 45th area; students will set their own schedule to get their projects accomplished

• HNIs will attend as needed meetings with supervisor for help on projects.

• HNIs will attend North of 45th Committee meetings at least one per quarter.


The following are the primary expectations for Husky Neighborhood Interns:

•  Each HNI will plan and lead specific projects during the academic year, collaborating with other HNI’s as needed. They will also play a supporting role for projects for fellow interns.

•  Facilitate dialogues with student groups about their neighborhood concerns and collaborate on ways to solve these issues.

• Distribute educational materials helpful to off-campus living, including topics about: health and safety, rights and responsibilities, and ways to navigate through landlord, neighbor or roommate situations.

• Attend University Park Neighborhood Association meetings and other relevant community forums to gain a better understanding of non-student perspectives, and act as a representative of students in your designated area, finding solutions to neighborhood issues that involve students.

•  Work with campus departments and groups to meet the needs of students in the neighborhood, as needed.

•  Develop appropriate communication mechanisms which may include social networking, forums, email, etc. 

•  Contribute to the monthly newsletter by writing articles and finding information helpful for students living off-campus.

• Disseminate the monthly newsletter to residents in your area, and inform them about the availability of the online forums.

•  Help facilitate neighborhood cleanups.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Strong verbal and written communications skills.
  • Desire to develop leadership skills
  • Outstanding organization and time management skills.  Ability to manage projects and provide leadership.
  • Ability to work independently to accomplish tasks and take initiative.


  • Compensation will be $10-12/ hour with a maximum of 7 hours per week for 30 weeks during the academic year.  Students must be able to work in the United States. 

How to Apply:

Please send a cover letter and resume to Elizabeth Lewis ( and Aaron Hoard ( 

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