Timely course on immigration GEOG 310

Given the current immigration debates in Congress, this course couldn’t be more timely. It’s taught by Mark Ellis, Director of the Center For Studies in Demography and Ecology, the UW’s population center. The course has no prereqs, and counts toward I&S.

Geog 310, Immigrant America (5) (I&S)

Mark Ellis

sln  22496

TTH, 11:30-1:20

Examines US immigration trends and policies from a geographic perspective. Specifically, we will explore where US immigrants come from, why they come from these places, where they settle in the US, and how their geography intersects with ideas about assimilation and national identity.  We will also discuss a variety of other issues that bear on the geography of US immigration, including the history of US immigration policy, current efforts to manage authorized and unauthorized immigration, ideas of citizenship, and disputes about the impacts of the foreign-born on the economy, society and environment of the US.  Students who finish this course will have a greater knowledge of basic facts about US immigration policy and US immigrant groups; and a solid grasp of the broader social, economic, cultural, and geographic issues that frame debates about immigration policy in this country.

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