ECFS 495 Politics of Pre-K

ECFS 495: Politics of Pre-K will be taught by Joel Ryan, Executive Director of Washington State Association of Head Start and ECEAP!

The course is 3 credits (social policy elective for ECFS and counts for departmental honors!)

In this class  we will read current research as it relates to Obama’s PreK for All initiative. We will grapple with the various considerations of such an initiative such as:

·       What is the effectiveness of Pre-K Programs?

·       What makes for a good PreK teacher? How do we keep them in PreK?

·       Universal vs. targeted approach to Pre K? Who benefits?

·       Comprehensive services vs. academic focus?  Which has the prepare children best?

·       Home Visiting programs.  What is working and why or why not?

·       Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships- what could this look like?

·       What is the role of a state-wide QRIS in the context of PreK for all?

·       How do we pay for PreK?

We will also explore legislative vehicles and the political process as it relate to this initiative as well as consider what it will take to get Washington State ready for universal Pre K.

We will engage with national experts on the topic, state agency representatives, politicians and more.

This course will be taught by Joel Ryan and is open to both graduate and undergraduate students.

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