Get Research Experience! “Designing Better Street Life” — SOC 494C– Applied Research Practicum

 SOC 494C Practicum in Applied Research
“Designing better street life:  A sociological examination of Seattle’s 3rd Avenue”

5 Credits
MW 1:30 to 3:20
SLN: 20010

Interested in gaining research experience?

Want to use your knowledge from Sociology to work with the City of Seattle on urban revitalization?

Looking for a more “hands on” approach to Sociology while gaining Upper Division course credit?

Ever wonder if “social engineering” is effective at reducing crime and bringing positive change?

3rd and pike

This fall, students will work with our most recent practicum partner, the City of Seattle and their contracted Architect/Urban Designer firm, to study and evaluate social and transit use of Third Avenue in downtown Seattle in preparation for planned improvements to create a safe, pedestrian and retail friendly urban environment.

The course format combines an in-class seminar with field work conducted outside the classroom. Research methodology is tailored by students to serve the research questions proposed by the partner organization. The project will involve students in conducting various collaborative research activities such as interviewing, leading focus groups, taking site observations, investigating data sources, as well as writing and testing survey questions. The student researchers will prepare a formal, written report as well as present their research in person to City officials at the end of the quarter.

Completion of Soc 221 and Soc 300 recommended but not required.


SOC 494 was a great conversation starter in every job interview. My manager said that talking about my ex-perience was the rea-son they hired me.”

If you have any questions, direct them to Susanna Hansson at or call Sociology Advising at 206-543-5396

Architect’s Rendering of the improved and Reinvented Third Avenue:

third ave rendering

Some background on Third Avenue in Seattle:

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