Apply Now! Husky Leadership Certificate

The Husky Leadership Certificate is looking for the next cohort of students. Are you involved in leadership work on campus or in the community? Through a student group, a class, work, or other responsibilities? Yes? You should apply!

By completing a Husky Leadership Certificate, you’ll be able to articulate what you’ve learned from your leadership activities and why they matter. You’ll document your leadership knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors through an e-portfolio and reflect on your growth and development as a leader. Why does that matter? If you think you might apply for graduate school, a fellowship, or a job, then you’ll be expected to write and talk about how you got to be who you are.

You’ll work with an assigned faculty or staff mentor throughout the academic year who will be a guide and sounding board through this process.

Space is limited.  Application deadline: Thursday, October 24.

For more information and to apply, please visit this link:

You can also learn more about the Husky Leadership Certificate by attending one of the following information sessions:

Thursday, 10/3:  4-5pm in HUB 340

Tuesday, 10/8:    4-5pm in HUB 214

Monday, 10/14:   5-6pm in ECC Conference room

Wednesday, 10/16:   12:30-1:30 pm in MGH 171E

Facebook version:  Involved in leadership work on campus or in the community?  Apply for the Husky Leadership Certificate by October 24! For more info:

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