Cardinal Scholars is hiring UW students as Tutors

A private tutoring company called Cardinal Scholars is looking to hire University of Washington students who are extremely academically successful but also strong role models, to tutor students in K-12 in the greater Seattle area.  They aim to recruit students who are well-rounded academically and involved in the community. Below is their announcement:

We’re Hiring!

Cardinal Scholars is an in-home and online tutoring company that matches exceptional tutors affiliated with top universities with elementary, middle, and high school students in need of additional academic support. We are offering our services to  the Seattle area and seek tutoring candidates who meet the following hiring criteria:

  • Are fantastic teachers and have experience teaching others

  • Are academically curious and intelligent

  • Love working with kids and are comfortable working in a home environment

  • Are responsible, creative and motivated

  • Attend or have graduated from University of Washington as either an undergraduate or graduate

There are many benefits to working with Cardinal Scholars. These include:

  • Freedom to work within your own schedule (we expect you to be taking classes yourself!)

  • Tutor between 2-15 hours per week

  • Competitive compensation starting at $25/hr

  • Get to know great families from the community who will really appreciate your help

Interested? Apply here ( To learn more about our company, visit

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