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Job Title: Recycling & Waste Prevention Intern
Job Number: 2013-01063
Salary: $14.85 – $18.20 Hourly
Location: Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 5th Ave., Seattle, Washington
Job Type: College Intern
Shift: Day
Department: Seattle Public Utilities

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Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) Customer Programs Division is seeking two interns for the Recycling and Waste Prevention group. These interns will focus on program development and outreach to the residential and business sectors, including multi-family dwellings, schools, restaurants small and large businesses, etc. The group is currently focused on food waste collection, compostable or recyclable take-out packaging, transfer station diversion, service equity, and other similar projects.

The interns will primarily support the following two programs:

*  Multi-family Food Waste & Recycling Diversion: Increase composting and recycling in multi-family buildings through supporting the Friends of Recycling and Composting program, providing outreach to properties, and analyzing participation data.
*  Food Packaging: Assist businesses with transitioning to compostable and recyclable one-time use food packaging through education, distribution of free materials and supplies, and compliance inspections.

This intern opportunity is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Learning objectives include, but are not limited to:

*  Learning and developing waste reduction strategies
*  Learning and helping implement community outreach best practices and strategies

There are currently two internship opportunities available, projected to start late November or early December. These internships are for up to 18 months or graduation, whichever comes first. We require a 1-year commitment for these internships.

Salary information:
Undergraduate students: $14.85/hr
Graduate students: $18.20/hr

For more information about Seattle Public Utilities, please visit our website at

Job Responsibilities:

Under direct supervision, interns will learn through supervised practical training various aspects of community outreach in support of SPU’s Waste Reduction Programs. Duties may include:

*  Planning and coordinating workshops, trainings and events
*  Educating multi-family and commercial customers about waste reduction through community events, workshops and site visits
*  Conducting inspections at businesses and multi-family properties to assess compliance
*  Distributing waste reduction outreach materials and supplies to businesses, schools and multi-family buildings
*  Evaluating multi-family food waste program participation
*  Developing and maintaining databases to track program progress
*  Conducting research to support waste reduction programs
*  Assisting with development and updating of outreach materials
*  Responding to customer emails and phone calls
*  Expanding and/or improving website content for waste reduction programs


Education: Applicants must be undergraduate or graduate level students, pursuing a degree and be enrolled in courses related to: Public Affairs, Environmental Management or Policy; Sustainability, Education, Communications, Marketing, Sociology, Ethnic Studies, or closely related fields.

Students must be enrolled full-time for the equivalent of 12 credit hours for undergraduate students, or 9 credit hours for graduate students, or the school’s full-time equivalent if different, for the duration of the internship. Exception: The students do not need to be enrolled over the summer but will need to provide proof of continuing enrollment and pre-registered for the Fall quarter. Undergraduate students must maintain a 2.0 GPA; graduate students must maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Required experience/qualifications:

*  Proficient in Microsoft Excel
*  Demonstrated ability to work independently
*  Demonstrated ability to communicate in a professional manner with customers
*  Demonstrated excellent organizational skills

Licensing and Other Requirements:
A Washington State Driver’s license is required for these internships. Successful applicants will be required to provide a complete Washington State driver’s record as a condition of hire.

Additional Information:

Desired experience/qualifications:

*  Experience and interest in customer and community outreach and education
*  Experience and interest in working on waste, recycling and composting programs
*  Experience developing and making presentations and/or teaching
*  Experience developing outreach materials
*  Experience coordinating and planning events
*  Web content management
*  Evaluation skills and ability to translate data into Excel spreadsheets and charts
*  Bi-lingual speaking skills with Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese or other language common in Seattle

Hours: Basic work hours are between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, but may flex for occasional evening or Saturdays. These internships are up to full-time (40 hours per week) during summer months. During the school session, work hours will be scheduled to complement class schedules (15-20 hours per week).

How to Apply:

*  Upload your college/university’s unofficial transcript. This must include a list of completed courses, courses currently taking, grades for each of the completed courses as well as cumulative GPA. An official transcript will be required at time of hire.
*  Cover letter indicating your interest in this internship
*  Resume clearly identifying how you meet the qualifications and requirements

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Questions about the application?
Contact Linda Rogers at or 206/233-7221

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