Call for Engagement – Interactive Research Symposium: Supporting Healthy Scholars

Call for Engagement – Interactive Research Symposium

Co-sponsored with the College of Education School Psychology

Supporting Healthy Scholars

February 7th  – 8th  – University of Washington Husky Union Building (HUB) 

The Robinson Center for Young Scholars, a nationally recognized center serving highly capable students, is hosting a conference entitled Supporting Healthy Scholars on February 7th and 8th, 2014. The theme of the conference is student wellness.  The conference will be an opportunity to engage the community of students, parents, teachers, and counselors of highly capable students in discussions that illuminate issues of student wellness and to initiate new research in related areas.

The main themes of the conference are:

1.     Cultivating Wellness – This theme will not only explore the definition, pursuit, and expectation of “wellness”, but also the ways in which “wellness” is shaped by parents, teachers, and peers.  Topics for discussion may include anxiety, fear of failure, sexuality, living up to parents’ expectations, making healthy choices and decisions, depression, resiliency, bullying, and gender identity.

2.     Addressing Student Mental Health and Creating a Support Network for Wellness – Sessions focusing on this subtopic will address social, familial, and educational supports that serve highly capable students in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education.

There are multiple ways graduates and undergraduates, faculty, and community agents may engage in the conversations in addition to attending. This is a call for your engagement:

  • Be a Facilitator: Facilitate focus groups
  • Be a Presenter: Share your research or your story related to student wellness and encourage small group discussion in a focus group or panel
  • Share your research in a Poster Session about a related topic of Student Wellness


Proposals must be submitted via catalyst survey by December 20th. 


Proposals should include the following:

1.     Name, e-mail

2.     Type of Engagement Preferred (facilitator, presenter, poster)

3.     Title

4.     Audience (e.g. students, teachers, counselors, parents, etc.)

5.     A 150-250-word abstract describing how you are addressing the theme of the conference.

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