Washington Bus Summer Fellowship Program

The Washington Bus; a non-profit, non-partisan youth political advocacy organization.  Each summer they run a leadership development program, our Summer Fellowship, for 18-24 year old folks.

Washington Bus Summer Fellowship Program Description:

The Washington Bus Fellowship is an intensive, ten-week long leadership development program. Fellows spend the summer in Seattle, learning the fundamentals of grassroots organizing, public policy, community building, and social justice, through hands-on democracy.The Fellowship is a challenging and transformative experience that prepares young people to be Washington State’s next generation of civic leaders.

Eligibility: Bus Fellows come from across the country with a diverse range of experiential and cultural backgrounds, but there are some things they all have in common. To be a Bus Fellow, you must:
*  Be between 18 and 25 years old.
*  Have a passion for civic engagement and a desire to learn about state and local politics.
*  Have strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
*  Be an independent self-starter with the initiative to achieve complex goals.
*  Have excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to work with a diverse team.
*  Have a good sense of humor and forward-thinking values.
The Washington Bus is a statewide organization which empowers young people to lead within their own communities. As a values driven organization, the Washington Bus Fellowship is dedicated to supporting young leaders from underrepresented communities.

The Bus is committed to financially supporting Fellows in need. The Fellowship is a stipended program and additional scholarships are available.

Applications open in January. To find out if you’re ready to hop on the Bus go to: http://busfellows.org/ and for questions, email fellowship@washingtonbus.org.

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