Public Policy/Research Intern with The Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy

Public Policy/Research Intern

The Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy (CASP) is a non-profit action-research think tank that studies and shapes how legal cannabis policy intersects with wider social policy concerns, such as public health, socioeconomic mobility, racial justice, and public safety.  This is an exciting and wide-open research field, and the rest of the world is watching to see how state-legal cannabis works out as a geographic policy experiment.

We are looking for students who are excited to produce and process knowledge that can shape legal cannabis policy trajectories.  Primarily, interns will focus on producing and disseminating the Center’s original research.  You do not need specific experience in cannabis policy, but a solid foundation in social or public policy is preferred.  Graduate and advanced undergraduate students interested in pursuing original research questions related to cannabis policy are also encouraged to apply.

We are still in our start-up phase, so interns interested must be flexible in terms of working remotely.  This will change once we acquire a permanent workspace, projected to happen by April 2013.

Interns can expect to support our staff, developing research projects, collecting data (potentially in the field), analyzing data, and contributing to publication.  Interns will also have the unique opportunity to attend meetings and network within this emerging field.  Interns will also have the opportunity to be credited as an author for the Center’s published research if they have contributed substantively.  Our goal is to give interns professional and research skills they can use for the rest of their careers.

Qualities we look for:

  • Strong interest in cannabis and social policy.
  • Must be able to work independently and able to communicate well in email.
  • Interns should be highly self-disciplined.
  • Professionalism.  While this is an exciting and new research topic, we expect you to treat this as seriously as any other policy area.

Required Skills:

  • Research experience (school counts).
  • Word processing and working knowledge of Microsoft Office.

Please send your resume, brief writing sample (3 pages max), cover letter and any questions to by Dec. 17.  Please include why you are interested in this position, any specific research interests and amount of time you would like to work.  All internships are unpaid.  We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis.

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