Part-time job opportunities for students (Bi-Lingual Opportunity for Spanish Speakers)

Samsung Mobile, is looking to hire 10 college students.  They especially need applicants who are native Spanish speakers.  Requires a basic skill level in Excel and outgoing personality and good communications skills.   The pay is $18-$20/hr.

Interested students should contact Jason Flournoy at Samsung directly. Jason’s contact information can be found at the bottom of this email. 

From Jason Flournoy at Samsung:

“I wanted to reach out to you with a question about some opportunities for your students.  We are going to have a  project that last approximately 6 months and is going to start in early January.  This will  be in our Bellevue office and in our S-Voice Group.  We are looking for 10 college students (5 native English speaking/5 native Spanish speaking) who can work about 25 hours a week.

The project does not require technical background (other than basic excel skills) but rather an out-going personality and great communication.  The testers will essentially be speaking phrases/commands into the voice recognition on our devices and recording the results in excel.  Small job description is below:

  • Testing S voice app with multiple Scenarios provided from HQ
  • Need to test with excellent pronunciations/ability to correct test cases.
  • Observe errors while testing.(since using same test cases, person need to find differences day by day..)
  • Judgment skills(need to explain about failed test cases.)
  • Excellent excel skills(test cases is excel with formulas)

It will pay about $18-20 per hour.  If you can distribute this to anyone you might feel would have an interest I would appreciate it.  You can have them e-mail me their resume directly.”

Jason Flournoy | R & D Staffing | Samsung Mobile

1301 E. Lookout Drive |Richardson, Texas 75082

o: 972.761.7483 | m: 972.693.3060

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