Challenges of International Justice: Exploration Seminar

The “Challenges of International Justice” 2014 Exploration Seminar in Ireland and The Hague:  Tentatively planned for Aug 24 to Sept 16, 2014, the five credit
program is now open for applications.

This will be the seventh year of a study abroad program popular with students who have a special interest in human rights, and those considering law school. Co-sponsored by the Irish Centre for Human Rights in Galway, Ireland, eleven days will be spent at the Centre in Galway before making a four night stop in Dublin, a trip to Belfast, and then an eight day trip to The Hague.

This will be a firsthand study of the major international tribunals with an opportunity to interact with court and human rights professionals in an academic and social setting. General information about study see: For more detail, including the cost estimates and schedule from last year, you can go to this page:

You can also watch a 3 minute video on the program at For more information on the 2014 program, please contact the program director, Frederick Michael Lorenz JD, LLM

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