UCLA Summer 2014 Travel Study Programs

This year we are offering several Travel Study Programs for Summer 2014 in which we would like to extend an invitation to your students. Two programs that I would like to briefly highlight are, “Globalization and 21st Century China” (Beijing) and “”Debating Multiculturalism—Britain, Immigration, and the European Union” (London).

Under Professor Cindy Fan, students in Beijing will examine China’s phenomenal rise in the world economy and international arena. The program will analyze the notion that the twenty-first century is “China’s century” through the lens of urban transformations as well as peoples’ lives on the ground. By observing the paths of development in Beijing, students in the program will learn about the economic, social, and political processes of globalization as well as the problems arising from it. The program will be an 8-unit, four week program
(July 6 – August 2) that  includes lectures, guest lectures by local experts, readings, discussions and many field trips.

The London program will take place July 13 – August 8 and be taught by Professor Aamir Mufti. This travel study program will be concerned with contemporary debates about immigration and multiculturalism in Britain and the European Union (EU) more broadly. It will provide an overview of the history of European integration since World War II as well as a more focused examination of the history of immigration in London and Britain over the
decades. In addition, students will examine the way in which culture and migration have come to dominate discussion of the future of what had primarily been conceived of as an economic union.

For more detailed information about the various Travel Study opportunities that are available please encourage your students to visit, http://ieo.ucla.edu/travelstudy/programs.

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