Upcoming D.C. Internships Deadlines: Sum 14, Aut 14, Spr 15

The Washington Center (TWC) runs a full-time internship program in Washington, D.C., that is open to all UW students (all majors welcome) and provides comprehensive service, including internship placement and housing. Placements include government agencies, corporations, nonprofits, museums, and international organizations. Hundreds of UW students have participated in this program since UW’s affiliation in 1977, and many made connections that led to post-degree employment.

These are the upcoming application deadlines (for a full list of organizations that have earlier deadlines seehttp://www.twc.edu/node/11029):
Summer Quarter 2014, Priority*: 2/19/14, Regular: 3/12/14
Autumn Quarter/Semester 2014, Priority*: 5/7/14, Regular: 6/11/14
Spring Semester 2015, Priority*: 10/15/14, Regular: 11/19/14
* Priority Deadline is for scholarships above the minimum guaranteed

To access more information about TWC’s program and the application, go to their website athttp://www.twc.edu/ (click on the “Internships” link and then “Washington, D.C. Program”). If you are interested in applying for the summer program, by the start of February please go tohttps://depts.washington.edu/polsadvc/signup.php to make an appointment to meet with me (you can change the week at the top of the screen).

For 2014 the quarterly program cost is $5,995 and the housing cost is $4,200. In addition, students pay for 15 UW credits, transportation, and personal expenses. Students are eligible to use their financial aid for this program and all UW students are guaranteed minimum scholarships from TWC that along with reduced UW tuition charges bring the cost of attendance close to or below the cost of attending a full-time quarter at UW.

TWC’s facilities are accessible to students who have disabilities. In addition, their Disability Services Coordinator will assist with accommodation at the internship and programming sites.

If you would like to learn more about this program, there will be information sessions in April. If you are interested in doing an internship in D.C. this summer through this program, I look forward to meeting with you within the next few weeks.
Meera E. Roy

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