Alene Moris NEW Leadership Institute

The Alene Moris National Education for Women’s Leadership Institute is looking for undergraduate and graduate women who are future leaders.

The Alene Moris National Education for Women’s Leadership Institute is an intensive six-day program open to undergraduate and graduate women attending two-year or four-year institutions in the region or to those with residence in Washington State.
The Alene Moris National Education for Women’s Leadership curriculum is designed to:
  • Cultivate leadership skills
  • Teach women about the realities of politics and policy making
  • Learn how to be an effective part of the political process
  • Connect participants with women leaders who make a difference in civic life and the public sphere
  • Help students explore the demands and rewards of leadership in a diverse society
  • Empower students to practice leadership through action
This year’s Institute is from Monday, June 16th – Saturday, June 21st at the University of Washington – Seattle campus.
More information on the current institute can be found here.
Applications for the Institute are due by April 18
The only cost to students who are accepted for admission is a $150.00 non-refundable registration fee. For students who have concerns about being able to meet this cost,  email the Alene Moris National Education for Women’s Leadership Institute ( for information about scholarship support.
If you are interested in supporting the Institute, please contact at us at newlead@uw.ed.
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