Jewish Studies/Sociology courses

Jewish Studies is offering some courses this Spring that might be of interest to Sociology students. There is a cross-listed Jewish Studies/Sociology course taught by Paul Burstein (JSIS C/SOC 377 American Jewish Community) as well as a few others:
1. JSIS C/HSTAA 336 Digital American Jewish History.
This is a new course that provides an introduction to American Jewish History through archival research, digital storytelling, and public history. Students will have the opportunity to explore digitized archival material related to Jewish History in the Pacific Northwest, interpret these documents in light broader historical trends, and create on-line, public exhibits. Learn Jewish history while gaining crucial skills for communicating with new media and technology.  This course is designed to meet the Writing gen ed requirement.
2. JSIS C/HIST 250 Introduction to Jewish Cultural History, taught by Prof. Devin Naar.  This is one of the requirements for the Jewish Studies major/minor.
I’m also attaching a flyer for an info session we are hosting on Feb. 26 for students interested in learning more about Jewish Studies, and a flyer which depicts all courses related to Jewish Studies this spring.  Please pass along to any students you know who might have an interest in Jewish topics.  (I’ll send along hard copies, too)
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