new RSO, Gloabl Peace Youth Corps

Global Peace Youth Corps at UW is an organization that strives to raise moral and innovative young leaders. They would like to invite you to their first campus project in collaboration with the Filipino American Student Association at UW to support the families in the Philippines who were affected by Typhoon Haiyan.
Global Peace Youth Corps are launching a 21-Day Penny Drive to fund the AllLights Village Project which is a unique program that focuses on empowerment, development and rehabilitation of the communities instead of simply giving aid and temporary relief (more info in the brochure). The project will launch this Friday, January 31st and end on February 21. During these 21 days, we ask that you, as an organization or individuals, contribute everyday to the jar that we will give you, no matter how small the amount. As college students, we may not be able to give much, but if each one of us puts aside some change everyday, we can make a cumulative difference!
Here’s the link to register:
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