Attention Filipino American sophomores or juniors who might be willing to participate in a research study

If you’re a Filipino American Sophomore or Junior who values social research and is willing to participate in a study on campus, read the letter from the researcher below and contact her to be part of the study

“My name is Leah Panganiban and I am a student researcher at the University of Washington. I am conducting a study to examine the college experiences of Filipino American second-year students. This study will allow me to better understand the lives of these students. I would like to ask you to participate in an individual interview and a focus group interview as part of my study.

If you choose to participate, I would like to do a semi-structured interview with you of approximately 60 minutes about your sophomore year college experiences including your relationships with peers, family, faculty, and staff; and about any challenges you may have faced and how you dealt with them. For example, I will ask you “How much, if at all, did your family influence your decisions?” Interviews will last about 60 minutes each.

If you choose to participate, I will digitally record the interviews and transcribe them myself. Recordings will be saved on a password-protected computer and original and saved recordings will be destroyed within three weeks of the interview.

If you would like to participate, please let me know so that we can find a good time and location to meet.  At that time, I will bring two printed copies of a consent form for you to read and sign. Thank you for your time and consideration,


Leah Panganiban, Doctoral Student
University of Washington College of Education
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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