Global Citizenship & Digital Storytelling course offered Spring Quarter!

The Carlson Center is accepting students for its Spring Quarter class, GEN ST 349: Global Citizenship & Digital Storytelling.  GEN ST 349 is a three credit class that explores the interplay between our local community engagement and our roles and responsibilities as global citizens.  Students will work in small groups to produce a 3-5 minute video using the method of digital storytelling.  Videos will be shown during a public presentation at the end of Spring Quarter.  This class is a great way for students to think about the way they present and share their community engagement work, raise awareness on issues of which they are passionate, and connect with other civically-minded students involved in community-engagement programs in the Center for Experiential Learning & Diversity (EXPD) and across campus.


A full course description is below.  Email for an add code.


Digital Storytelling & Global Citizenship is a three-credit course utilizing the teaching and learning method of Digital Storytelling to examine what it means to be a Global Citizen and the ways in which people are working within local organizations to address social issues with a global impact. Students will work in teams to create a digital story about a local individual and/or community organization, 3 – 5 minutes in length, reflecting a perspective on what it means to be an active Global Citizen. Concepts of service and citizenship will be explored, in addition to developing skill sets for project planning, team work, constructing a story narrative, interviewing, and assembling an online digital video.

The course enrollment will be split between students visiting from Waseda University in Japan and students involved in service and community-engagement projects at the University of Washington, with each storytelling team consisting of members from each university. The course will conclude with a public viewing of the digital stories on the UW campus.

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