Looking for Internship Credit for an Existing Internship?

Looking for a way to get credit for an internship you already have?

Check out the Sociology Practicum in Work and Organizations (SOC 494D sln: 18987), this course combines your weekly experience at your internship with the sociology of organizations, creating an exciting, applied, hands-on component to your coursework and helping get you credit for work you’re already doing.

  • Practicum in Applied Sociology: Work and Organizations
    This practicum combines the real-world benefits of an internship with the critical reflection provided by a seminar course. Students in this practicum participate in internships at local agencies and organizations, and may either come with their own internship or apply for specialized internships through the Sociology Department (when available). To find out more about how to register for SOC 494, practicum credit hours, and expected student time commitments, visit the page on General Practicum Information.

Practicum Benefits for Students

Students who take practicum courses benefit by developing an understanding of what they want to do when they graduate, as well as what they are capable of doing with their degree in sociology. The practicum experience not only prepares students for the career world by helping to develop the major skill-set, it also prepares students for doing research and study in graduate and professional schools.

Students in Practica courses have learned how to:

  • Connect their sociology coursework to the real world
  • Design and execute program studies/assessment
  • Interview study participants
  • Survey study participants
  • Design, coordinate, and conduct focus groups
  • Code data
  • Analyze data
  • Write professional reports based on Practica-designed studies and current research
  • Tutor
  • Teach
  • Incorporate current research into practical strategies
  • Navigate and mediate between different personalities and needs in businesses
  • Solve problems creatively
  • Bridge cultural differences
  • Network in a professional and intellectual community
  • Assess the effectiveness of their own professional ideas and actions
  • Work for social change and justice
  • Impact people in the community in positive ways
  • Expand their resume with skills learned above!

If you have further specific questions about Sociology Practicum, please contact the program at socprac@u.washington.edu


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