Information about Spring Community Literacy Program for Psychology and Sociology majors

Community Literacy Program ( offers UW students classroom experience in a high needs K-12 partner public school, linked with a writing-intensive seminar focused on effective teaching strategies, challenges and opportunities of public education, and ways to take action in response to those opportunities and challenges.  Students who complete CLP often continue to do school-based independent studies under the CLP Director’s supervision in future quarters.

To register, students sign up for English 298A linked with English 491B (Internship) after contacting Director Elizabeth Simmons-O’Neill for add codes (  There are no prerequisites for these courses. English 298A (MW 1:30-3:20) may be used toward either the “Composition” or “W” (additional writing) requirement.  English 491 internship is scheduled individually by UW students at a CLP partner school.  English 491 documents hours in a “high needs” program required for application to teacher education programs, and may be used toward either the field work or elective requirements in the Education, Learning and Society Minor.

The Community Literacy Program, begun in 1992, is one of UW’s longest-running community-based learning opportunities. Over 1000 students have participated in Community Literacy Program, and many have gone on to careers in teaching and school administration; to careers in medical, policy and legal fields related to children and education; and to lives as engaged leaders and community members.  UW students might be particularly interested in Community Literacy Program if they are considering teaching or child/youth-focused careers, want to work with “high needs” K-12 students, believe literacy is a form of social action and want to put that belief into tangible form, would like to continue developing their own research and writing skills, and/or are looking for a small interactive learning community here on campus.

To get more information and to request add codes, students should contact Community Literacy Program director Elizabeth Simmons-O’Neill,

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