Now is the time — Arctic Minor available now!

I would like to invite you to be one of the first students at the UW to have a minor in Arctic Studies! Already the course you are currently taking counts toward the minor – you would need just 25 more credits! This is the first institution in the lower 48 to offer a minor in Arctic studies and the first institution in the world where you can get an ARCTIC prefix on your transcript! But, most importantly, the Arctic minor will address one of the world’s most critical emerging regions including the environmental and geopolitical challenges facing the region.

In Spring Quarter 2014, we are offering 3 courses that are applicable towards the minor: ARCTIC 400 Integrated Science and Policy in the Arctic, SMEA 514 Marine Pollution Management – Oil in the Arctic, and OCEAN 482 The Changing Arctic Ocean. ARCTIC 400 is full, however, the remaining two courses are open and count as an elective! See:

Please let me know if you plan to register for a minor in Arctic studies as I’d like to feature you on our new webpage of students. See: Also, I will add you to our email list so that you receive notice of any upcoming opportunities in or concerning the Arctic.

Please contact me if you have any questions on the minor.

– Monick Keo, Arctic Academic Program Coordinator


Monick Keo
Arctic Academic Program Coordinator

Canadian Studies Center Webmaster, Newsletter Editor

Assistant to the Quaternary Research Center Director
Assistant to the Future of Ice Chair



Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

Box 353650

Thomson Hall, Room 503

University of Washington, Seattle
Seattle, WA  981095-3650



Box 351310
Johnson Hall, Room 377A

University of Washington, Seattle
Seattle, WA  98195-1310

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