Hands on Sociology Research on Urban Design in Seattle

Still looking for ways to satisfy Sociology credits for spring? Want to do some hands on research and get off campus and interacting with the city?

Check out the Applied Research Practicum in Sociology!

Soc 494C Practicum: Spring Quarter

Examining Urban Space and Life in Downtown Seattle: Interactions between People and Place on Pike and Pine

This quarter completes a series of student-led research in downtown Seattle in partnership with Framework, a local urban design firm focused on cultural placemaking and positive transformation of cities and communities. Students will conduct research to investigate the assets and challenges of downtown Seattle with the focus on how people experience, perceive and use the Pike and Pine corridor.

Students in this class will apply sociological theories and research methods, sharpen their writing skills, and learn how to present work in a professional setting. The class is highly collaborative and interactive in order to prepare students for future professional work and graduate school.

Time: Tuesday/Thursday 2:30 – 4:20

SLN: 18986

Room: PAB B109

Instructor: ManChui Leung mleung8@uw.edu


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