#Qolors2014 with Mia McKenzie: Save the date and volunteer!

The excitement continues for #Qolors2014 with Mia McKenzie!

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The 9th Annual Qolors Reception, April 9th

The excitement continues for #Qolors2014 with Mia McKenzie!

Qolors is a celebratory reception for our queer/trans people of color communities and the intersection of all the identities that we embody. This year’s reception will focus in all the ways “We Are Enough. Reclaiming our Power” and how we as queer people of color come together in our different communities to help each other heal. This year, we are excited to welcome Mia McKenzie, founder and editor-in-chief of BlackGirlDangerous, as keynote.

Spread the word, and spread part of your story by tagging the event and everything leading up to it with #qolors2014

There will be a meet-and-greet opportunity with Mia McKenzie at the Q Center (HUB 315), from 12:00-1:30pm. The catered reception and keynote will follow later that evening at the Ethnic Cultural Center from 4:00-6:00pm

**Qolors is open to everyone, regardless of whether you attend the UW!

This space is to center and celebrate QTPOC experiences, but we also understand that for a lot of people, that means support from the not QTPOC folks in their lives too. People who are working to be QTPOC allies are welcome, but please be very respectful and of the space that you are in.


Are you interested in volunteering? Fill out the 2 minute survey below to get involved!

– The ECC front entrance is wheelchair accessible and the Unity Room is on the first floor, to the right of the entrance.
-An all-genders restroom can be found on every floor of the ECC, as well as binary bathrooms with multiple stalls.
-The ECC is not kept scent-free but we ask that you do not wear scented/fragranced products (e.g. perfume, hair products) or essential oils to/in the ECC in order to make the space accessible to those with chemical injury or multiple chemical sensitivity.
-For more information about MCS and being fragrance free:
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