Student Internship/Volunteer Opportunity

The Freeform Radio Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is coordinating a prisoner-based program.  They are seeking interested sociology students in need of an internship for an exciting and innovative project entitled Incarcerated Voices.

Incarcerated Voices seeks to provide incarcerated people with a voice in the media through an upcoming nationally syndicated radio program.

The goals of the internship are to listen to and respect the stories and thus the dignity of persons who are incarcerated as well as others impacted by the penal system; to reflect on the spiritual journeys and realities of prisoners, victims, family members of victims and prisoners, and corrections officials; to examine our own attitudes toward those who are incarcerated as well as those victimized by crime; and to examine correctional treatment and its efficacy, as well as problems and programs pertinent to special populations.

Follow this link to read descriptions of the opportunity in greater detail.

This opportunity would be an excellent fit for students interested in penology, corrections, psychology, sociology, creative writing, English, and/or media-related work.

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