Upcoming Conference on Inequality

The Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies is hosting an upcoming conference on April 25 entitled Working Democracy: Labor and Politics in an Era of Inequality. This event will bring together students, faculty, and community members alike to explore inequality, its effects on societies, and the role of government and social movements in protecting working people.

Join us for this amazing opportunity to hear people from different departments, universities, and community organizations working to combat the increasing inequality that plagues our society. The Working Democracy conference will be held on Friday, April 25, from 1:00pm-9:00pm in HUB Room 250. It is free and open to the public. More information can be found here, or by contacting the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies via email at hbcls@u.washington.edu or via phone at (206)543-7946.

Some of our speakers will include:
 *  Stephen Bezruchka, UW Global Health
 *  Larry Brown, IAM District 751
 *  David Cay Johnston, Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist
 *  Dawn Gearhart, Teamsters Local 117
 *  Michael Honey, UW Tacoma
 *  Ruth Milkman, City University of New York
 *  Teresa Mosqueda, Washington State Labor Council
 *  Carolyn Pinedo-Turnovsky, UW American Ethnic Studies
 *  David Rolf, SEIU 775
 *  Jonathan Rosenblum, Working Washington
 *  Rebecca Smith, National Employment Law Project
 *  Rich Stolz, OneAmerica
 *  Kim Voss, University of California – Berkeley
 *  Daniyal Zuberi, University of Toronto

We’re very excited to see our speakers dig deeper into issues that have been in headlines recently such as rising income inequality, the minimum wage, and decline in union power(e.g. the recent Boeing/machinists conflict), plus what that means for our society. 

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