UW Student Legal Services is seeking new legal assistant

UW Student Legal Services is currently seeking one new undergraduate legal assistant to help organize and operate the only on-campus law firm serving students. Freshman and sophomores with an interest and relevant experience in law are encouraged to apply for this rewarding, unforgettable pre-law experience.

The following hiring ad is posted online at HuskyJobs. Interested students are encouraged to visit the HuskyJobs website and apply directly online. The posting is entitled “Legal Assistant at Student Legal Services” and the position ID number is 78003.

For more information, visit http://www.depts.washington.edu/slsuw

Thank you!


UW-SEATTLE FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES!  UW Student Legal Services (SLS) is the campus law office located in the HUB that provides legal assistance, education, and representation to currently enrolled UW-Seattle students who pay the Services and Activities Fee.

SLS is hiring one part-time undergraduate Legal Assistant to work c. 10 hours/wk.  This is a student hourly position on campus; work study is OK.  Training starts late spring quarter 2014. 

Applicants must have freshman or sophomore standing; incoming freshmen are encouraged to apply. 

Please submit a resume, contact info for three references, and a cover letter through HuskyJobs.  In your cover letter, identify your expected graduation date, why you want to work at SLS, and what you can offer SLS.


• Experience as employee or volunteer in a law office, judicial setting, or confidential office environment

• Incoming freshman, current freshman, or sophomore committed to working at SLS until graduation


• Be comfortable dealing with persons ranging in age from teens to 60’s or older and who may come from many other cultures

• Be conversant in a language other than English


• Provide confidential support to director/staff attorney, legal interns, legal assistants, and SLS volunteers

• Interact with clients, SLS staff and other UW employees, vendors, and the public

• Train incoming legal interns and legal assistants

• Assure adherence to ethical obligations at all stages of attorney-client relationship, including intake procedures, checks for conflicts of interest, billing, opening and closing files, etc.

• Execute advertising and promotions efforts

• Manage technology and law office management software; communicate with IT units

• Handle purchasing and receivables

• Comply with state and office records management policies

• Assist with preparation for client meetings and court hearings

• Collaborate on other administrative tasks as assigned

UW Student Legal Services, www.depts.washington.edu/slsuw

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