Summer Classes in Sociology

Not sure what classes to take this summer?
Looking to maintain good progress through the SOC major?
Do you want small classes and lots of face time with the Instructor?

If so, check out these course offerings in Sociology this summer!

Just Opened Up:

SOC 362 American Race and Ethnic Relations (MW 10:50-1:00)

Race and Ethnicity are a major sub-field in Sociology. Check out SOC 362 to gain a better understanding of Race and Ethnicity in the US, particularly concerning inter-racial and inter-ethnic relations.

Other Elective Course Listings:

SOC 201 A – Growing Pains: the Sociology of Parenting and Parent-Child Relationships (MW 10:50-1:00)

SOC 201 B – Paychecks and Power: Work and Labor in Markets in the U.S. (TTh 8:30-10:40)

SOC 240 – Intro to Social Psych (TTh 8:30-10:40)

SOC 270 – Social Problems (MW 8:30-10:40)

SOC 271 – Social Deviance and Social Control (TTh 1:10-3:20)

SOC 287 – Sociology of Sexuality (MW 1:10-3:20)

SOC 344 – Cognitive Social Psych (TTh 8:30-10:40)

SOC 352 – The Family (MW 8:30-10:40)

SOC 360 – Intro to Social Stratification (MW 1:10-3:20)

SOC 362 – American Race and Ethnic Relations (MW 10:50-1:00)

SOC 364 – Women in the Social Structure (TTh 10:50-1:00)

SOC 371 – Criminology (TTh 1:10-3:20)

SOC 372 – Intro to Criminal Justice (MW 10:50-1:00)

SOC 401 – Revolution and Social Change in the Middle East (MW 1:10- 3:20)

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