Great Summer Course and Internship in ART

ART 496 / SUMMER 2014 10168 T+TH 2:20-4:20pm

Looking for a great summer internship? Join us in Art 496A!

Using video, enrolled students will document the latest exhibition developed by MadArt from its curatorial conception to its installation.

No prior video experience required.

Videos created by students in this summer internship will be included in the video archive in Space 120, Home of the Student Voice Project.

Since 2009, MadArt has served as a catalyst for new and unexpected artworks in Seattle by providing opportunities for large-scale installations.

In Fall 2014, UW Seattle will become the site of MadArts latest project, MadCampus. Thirteen selected artists will create sculptures conceived to interact with the university setting and the viewer.

ART 496 Interns will:

• Use video to capture the process involved in producing Mad Campus. This includes learning to use video cameras and editing software.

• Develop narrative and questions for video interviews.

• Connect with and learn from School of Art alumni and professional artists.

• Sharpen your critical eye and creative vocabulary through class discussions and reviews of independent and group video projects.

• Develop concepts for the use of video as a tool for communication ideas and events.

• Expand your resume for future career opportunities.


QUESTIONS? Contact Adviser Liz Copland at / Visit us in Art RM 104

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