Invitation to the 4th International Young Leaders Assembly

Invitation to the 4th International Young Leaders Assembly

Dear young leader,
We are happy to announce this year’s International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA) that will take place in the United States once again this summer. From August 11 to 20, join other young leaders from around the world in the experience of a lifetime. Connect with leaders from the United Nations, World Bank, Capitol Hill, think tanks, embassies, missions, nonprofit organizations, etc. as you travel from Washington DC to Philadelphia and New York.

The IYLA is a practicum on leadership that addresses the global challenges of the 21st century and builds our capacity to resolve them. Emphasizing the importance of leadership with values, the theme of IYLA is “Moral and Innovative Leadership: Vision, Service, and Entrepreneurship”. IYLA is a joint-program hosted by several organizations and foundations who support the empowerment of global young leaders through active moral leadership.

The vision behind the IYLA is spreading around the world. Starting from this August trip in the United States, the IYLA will move to Nairobi, Kenya in September to Bangkok, Thailand in October and conclude this November in Asuncion, Paraguay in conjunction with the annual Global Peace Convention.

I invite you to join this opportunity to gain the experiences and tools you need in order to make a lasting contribution to this world. For more information, visit our website. I look forward to your participation and working together with you in building a better build.

Kimihira Miyake
Director, Global Peace Youth US

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