Summer 2014 ESRM 304 NW/QSR, Done in 10 days @ Pack Forest June 23 to July 3

If you want to stay outside all summer and earn credit, consider adding:

ESRM 491 5cr (July 14-20) and L ARCH 498 4cr (July 28– Aug 1st)

Have you considered completing a course in 10 days instead of 40 days in the regular quarter?

ESRM 304 Summer Qtr= June 23 to July 3, with one day off (june29th), at the Pack Forest (food, transport, lodging included in course fee).

10 days = 5 credits

Pack Forest = Awesome

Unique = You = ESRM 304 THIS SUMMER!

ESRM 304 Environmental and Resource Assessment (5) NW, QSR
The processes of measuring, monitoring, and assessment; illustrated in diverse environmental and resource case studies. Explores the scientific method, hypothesis testing, sampling, and experimental designs, the role of questionnaires and polling techniques, remote sensing techniques, and population measurements. Offered: ASp.
MyPlan Course Details: ESRM 304 (student access only)

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