Fall NW Animal Behavior course open to non-psychology majors

If you are looking to fulfill a natural world requirement or are thinking of pursuing a double major in sociology and psychology, a new psychology course has become available that is open to both majors and non-majors. See information about the course below:
Comparative Animal Behavior is a great Natural World (NW) course that is open to all students.  There are no prerequisites.  This course is appropriate for all students, freshmen through seniors.  The course description is as follows:

“Research methods and findings of comparative animal behavior, their importance to an understanding of human behavior; rationale for study of behavioral differences/similarities between animal species, behavior viewed as part of adaptation of each species to its natural habitat.”

Instructor:  Michael Beecher, beecher@uw.edu
PSYCH 200C (SLN 22989), 5 credits
Meeting MTW ThF 1:30-2:20
(Note that PSYCH 200 is joint listed with our majors-only class, PSYCH 300.  Students will complete assignments/exams based on their level of enrollment.  While joint listed with PSYCH 300, students registering under PSYCH 200 will not be able to use this course to fulfill any specific degree requirements within the psychology major.)

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